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Best Burgers Ever

In Honor of National Burger Day

The Best Burgers are a thing of beauty, a religious experience, a wide-eyed triumph of the simple idea of some meat and bread.

There is much mystique about the origin of the iconic hamburger.  Some say it traces back to a man named Otto Kause from Hamburg, Germany (hence the name).  Other accounts say it became famous at the St. Louis World Fair in 1904 – rival claimants battle it out and who can blame them for wanting to get the credit?  Burgers are delicious.  And here are some of our favorites!

1)  Cheeburger Cheeburger in Sanibel Island, Florida is the perfect example of made to order perfection.  Come up with whatever combination you like and it is prepared for your munching satisfaction.  It ain’t quick, and it ain’t really healthy but is is damn good. And everything in moderation right? Including moderation.

2) The Burger’s Priest This is no typical burger chain dotting the landscape in Canada.  These are handcrafted flavor bombs of delight – with a little addictive something, something thrown in the mix.  Pray that one opens up near you, eat one, then go to confession.  Repeat.

3) KUSH In the trendy neighborhood of Wynwood in Miami, you have an amazing Craft Burger joint with a beer problem.  Or maybe it’s a Craft Beer joint with a burger problem? Either way you will by a happy camper when you roll out of here after sampling what is on offer.

4) Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden Nashville has all sorts of artistic and culinary treasures. Pharmacy Burger, in a low slung building in the funky Five Points neighborhood, is a local legend.  There are line ups.  Pretty much all of the time.  But it is SO worth it.  Think of all the time you piss away watching cat videos on YouTube and stand in line for a glorious burger and a frosty brew instead.  Or hell, watch the cat videos while in line. Win. Win.

5) Peter’s Drive In Some day you will find yourself on the perfect roadtrip to the glory of the Canadian Rockies – because the Canadian Rockies are the bomb and you should put them on your bucket list.  If you happen to be driving though Calgary to get to Banff, the perfect stop is Peter’s.  Old School burgers, fries and shakes.  No fancy pants foolery here – just great burgers that make you feel like a kid.

If you feel we need to add to our list let us know at heythere@thingstoeatanddo.com. We are always up for some culinary research!

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