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What Should Be In Your Travel Make-Up Bag?

Getting Schooled with A Professional Make-Up Artist

A recent job change working for an airline for my dear hubby means we get to travel as a family FREE, on quick little weekends to lots of places. So that is awesome. The challenge?  We fly stand by. So although we could theoretically check bags, it saves so much time and hassle for us and the airline if we go with a carry-on only.  This has created a challenge- both with clothing and with cosmetics.  So I have enlisted the help of some serious experts to help me travel light while maintaining the beauty and fashion standards that I like to believe I have…

When it comes to the beauty side of the things, the expertise of professional make-up artist, our very own Kristin Garcia, was exactly what I needed.  So we did a little field trip, to Target and to Sephora, to explore the high and low budget options for looking having my face camera ready on the road without packing a suitcase of makeup. With the help of Kristin I was able to assemble a travel make-up bag that was easy to pack and still left me looking ready for my close-up.

Let’s Start With Skin Care

  • So I know all of my big bottles of potions and lotions are not going to fit in my carry on and are not going to make the size limitations for carry on liquids.  What are some good options?

    You don’t have to resort to using hotel bar soap on your face. Most high end skin care lines offer trial or travel sizes so you can use the same skin care on the road as when you travel.  Also ask for samples when you buy skin care.  The small amounts in samples are often the exact amount you need for a weekend away and are perfect to tuck into your travel make up bag. If you cannot get samples of your fave products, you can purchase small refillable pump containers and jars at Sephora, or the drug store places like TJ Maxx to put your own product in with more manageable sizes. You can also find some very affordable value brands like Cetaphil and Nutrogena in travel sizes.  In order to limit the liquids in your bag, think about cleansing wipes to remove your make up rather than make up remover or cleanser.

What About Cosmetics?

  • How do I trim down my massive drawer of make-up to a mini kit that gives me the perfect day and night time looks for my trip?

    KG: You can make the shift from a natural daytime look to a full-on dramatic glam evening look with just a few products and the right tools and techniques. It is as simple as changing lip color and going more dramatic with the eyes.  Your basic kit should include:

Foundation and concealer
Contour powder or stick
Blusher and/or bronzer
Eyeshadow Primer
A great eyeshadow palette: resist the urge to go with something super neutral, don’t shy away from plums, olive or bronzes.
Black or charcoal eyeliner
2-3 shades of lip color and gloss
Brow defining powder or pencil
Black mascara
Cosmetic Brushes

  • If I don’t want to be packing and unpacking my make up brushes all the time, should I buy a set of those small set of travel brushes for my travel make up bag?

    Most of those sets are pretty cheap and are not the best to get the look you want. There are some very affordable full sized brushes you can get.  The best way to tell if they are a decent quality is to pull on the hair bristles, if they are shedding hairs right from the start, don’t bother.

What Are Some Must Have Travel Items for my Travel Make Up Bag?

  • What are your secret weapons to look bright and fresh when you are on the road?

    KG: There are some things I never travel without. Visine, to get rid of bloodshot eyes from late nights, jet lag or allergies to new things. A really good lip balm like Burt’s Bees and Prepration H Gel – no, not for your butt, for your eyes!  It’s an old modelling trick, Prep H gets rid of puffiness and dark circles in a flash.

Update:  So in the end, I was left with a small clear bag for my new travel only make up brushes and another small clear bag for everything I could possibly need from a make up standpoint. I simply leave everything but my foundation in the kit, ready to go at a moment’s notice. Because that is just the kind of jetsetter I am.

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