Restaurant Marron Seattle, Washington, United-states

Tasty fantastic pristine food with awesome wine and a laid back Seattle vibe.

This was one of the best dining experiences of my life.  The owners, Eric and Zarina Zakai, took a chance on one of those restaurant Bermuda Triangle locations, you know, the place, that despite a great neighborhood, good menu, pedigreed operators, seems to suck up any chance of long term success and send it in to the dining abyss.  Methinks it might be because this particular restaurant space is located in the “LOVELESS” building.  Either way- this couple is a collective food and wine powerhouse with pedigrees that include Michelin starred restaurants and little place in Yountville you may have heard of, The French Laundry.

This is fine dining laid way way back.  We were dressed up but it would have been just as comfortable for a dude in the Seattle uniform of Arctic fleece and denim (especially since that dude is probably an Amazon millionaire).  The experience: We were greeted by a button down and khaki short clad Zarina who welcomed us by name- we had a reservation and it’s not a big space but the fact she knew who we were on sight made me think she is a witch- or googled us.  Either way well played.

We were presented with a personalized menu for our perusal.  It was no small task to decide and we chose to go with the “Petite Voyage: five spontaneous courses” for $69, and because it was our anniversary, and because we love wine, and because Zarina knows her stuff—oh hell who needs a because?  We ordered the beverage pairing.  Oh and how how happy we were with all of it.

From the fresh bread basket, the summer berry gazpacho, the grilled lamb bacon, oh just all of it—read the menu, it is total food porn.  It was DIVINE, the kind of meal where you make noise while you eat and then stare at one another like you discovered a unicorn on your plate—all the while served in a super comfortable environment.  Zarina was so kind as to write down the wine pairings for me to hunt down for trying at home.

This is a must eat place in Seattle.  Hopefully they turn this place in to the “LOVEMORE” building…

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806 E Roy St, Seattle, WA 98102, USA


Phone Number

(206) 322-0409


The space that Restaurant Marron occupies is a historic neighborhood haunt with very cool murals that were the subject of much debate. The Chef hails from the tutelage of Thomas Keller at The French Laundry.

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