Michou Deli Seattle, Washington, United-states

A hole in the wall deli serves sublime panini to fortify you for a day of walking Seattle Hills.

Places around Pike Place Market could probably just mail it in and rely on one off tourist trade to stay afloat. Thankfully so few of these places do. A big part is probably that those wandering the stalls of Pike Place Market and its environs love food. So to serve anything subpar would be really ill advised.

Michou is a perfect example of a simple spot serving elevated eats. ¬†There isn’t any seating beyond a counter but this doesn’t stop the demand for the very very tasty panini sandwiches being pressed non stop here. ¬†And if they aren’t lining up for the sandwiches, it is the fresh soups, salads, or maybe even the Italian doughnut holes.

If you can’t decide on a sandwich from the copious options, try the “Sandwich of the Month” as I did and see what they have created…or if you are a Vegetarian, there is a roasted veggie that my wife told me was amazing, and it must have been because she wouldn’t give me a bite.

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1904 Pike Place, Seattle, WA 98101, United States

Phone Number

(206) 448-4758



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