Husk Nashville Nashville, Tennessee, United-states

Husk Nashville, where I'd gladly wear out my welcome (impossible) and stuff my face while doing so (definite).

If you’re in Nashville and haven’t been to Husk yet, you’re doing it wrong. Get to it, and taste what Chef Sean Brock is creating in one of the South’s finest establishments.

If you’ve caught PBS’ documentary, Mind of a Chef, you know of Chef Sean Brock. The famed, James Beard-award winning chef has planted his concept, Husk, in Charleston, SC and Nashville, TN.

I visited the latter on recommendation from fellow touring musician, friend and gourmand, Andrew Koussevitzky. Through Andrews insight, I’ve been lucky enough to fork my way through the best fare the south has to offer – Husk being a worthy capstone.

Last July, with a few hours to spare before my show, I dropped into Husk. The restaurant, located on Rutledge St, is a stones throw away from 3rd and Lindsley, one of Nashville’s finest music venues. If you’re in town on a Monday, go see Vince Gill’s residency show. Thank me later.

Okay, back to food. Husk’s menu is ever-changing. Chances are, You’re not going to see some the plates I saw when you visit – and that ain’t a bad thing. True to his habits at Husk Charleston, Brock sources nearly all of his ingredients for Husk Nashville from the state in which he prepares the food. Tennessee farms, you rock.

After ordering a house made cider, the waiter brought a plate of three benne seed rolls (served with pork fat butter – YES!). These are HEAVEN. While most “here’s-something-to-munch-on-so-you-can-shut-your-trap” plates get pushed to the side for the main event, I ordered three more rounds over the course of my meal. Yeah, go for it. They won’t judge you.

The Shrimp and Grits arrived and damn was I happy to have them there. Despite being topped with an over easy egg and resting in a wonderful broth, the dish never became over-hydrated. Hearty, fulfilling and everything you would expect out of a low country appetizer. Perfectly balanced and way into it.

For my main course, I ordered the Bear Creek Farm pork with hominy and butter bean succotash. The pork was juicy and tender, the hominy perfectly suited for the dish, and the succotash never suffering (thanks Daffy duck) – I could have ordered a whole plate of that and been a very happy camper.

I skipped dessert in lieu of a couple more glasses of the house made cider and another round of those benne seed rolls because… well, why not? Do what you like, y’all.

I’m excited to be heading back out on the road this week, and one of these stops lands me in Charleston – I’ll certainly be visiting Husk in SC, and I’ll be sure to bring you along.

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37 Rutledge St, Nashville, TN 37210, USA


Phone Number

(615) 256-6565


Unless you plan to sit at the bar, make a reservation. Tables fill up quick!

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