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Chef Sean Brock's newest concept is a fresh take on Mexican fare in Charleston, SC.

If you’re planning a trip to Charleston, you MUST eat here.

Chef Sean Brock’s newest concept, Minero, is a fresh take on the consistently-growing arena of east coast American-Mexican fare.

If you’ve read my previous reviews, you know that I’m a fan of Chef Brock. If you’ve eaten at any of his restaurants (Husk, McCrady’s and now Minero) in Charleston, you know that there’s no gimmicks. Just great food. I stopped here on my most recent Southeastern tour.

When you enter the restaurant, you’ll meet a hostess that won’t seat you. Odd, I thought. Instead, she’ll give you a number and tell you where to head to. After finding table 15, I sat down and immediately looked for silverware. None to be seen. Odd as well, I thought.

My questions were answered when the waitress arrived and told me that my silverware was in a drawer within the table I was sitting at. WAY cool. Your personal setup, one fork, one spoon, one knife and one napkin are all contained in this drawer. Makes you feel like they’ve been awaiting your arrival. Dig in.

My waitress offered a starter of chips and salsa ($4), which, if you’ve been to any god-awful chain, this sounds slightly boring. Not here – the chips are made from fresh tortillas, in house, and the salsas (yes, there is a trio) are out of this world. Three little cups: a benne seed concoction, arbol, and an uber-spicy tomatillo and habenero blend (verde) leave you digging your chip against the cup for more. Get it.

There’s an extensive list of tacos ($3.50-$6) on the menu, and I ordered three. Because all good things come in threes, right?

I received the Tacos al pastor, Charcoal Grilled Chicken Taco, and the sweet potato/mushroom mula/benne seed tortilla (closer to a quesadilla than a taco), a surprisingly large sized portion and ate all of it. ALL OF IT.

Here’s what you need to know: Minero is the place that you go to when you want a ton of flavor for not a ton of money. Get there on an off time, or like all of Sean Brock’s restaurants, you are bound to wait a bit. Most of all, ENJOY!



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155 East Bay Street, Charleston, SC 29401, United States

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(843) 789-2241



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