Kaminsky’s Most Excellent Cafe Charleston, South-carolina, United-states

They only serve homemade desserts and cocktails. I Repeat. They only serve homemade desserts and cocktails.

Dessert really should be a separate meal.  Often it is an afterthought or something you force down even though you are stuffed from a meal. (Or is that just me?) this can really make you overlook the true deliciousness of what is on offer.

This is why Kaminsky’s is so divine.  You can ONLY get dessert here.  There is no set menu, it is whatever is fresh and in the case, though there are some standard ice cream desserts on offer.  On the day we were there we had a cornucopia of choices: bourbon pecan pie, lemon cheesecake, coconut cake, Heath bar cake and Tollhouse pie – along with sundaes, shakes and other goodies.  My Tollhouse pie was a half baked cookie dough confection with caramel and chocolate confection that was happily polished off with a little help from my kids after they ate their chocolate mousse pie and cookie sundae.  The perfect sugar crash awaits….

If you go during the day it is pretty chill but catch the after dinner crowd and there will be a list and a wait – so maybe put you name on it BEFORE you go for dinner.  Just in case.

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78 North Market Street, Charleston, SC 29401, United States

Phone Number

(843) 853-8270



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