Vanilla Pastry Studio Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United-states

These are the best cupcakes I have ever eaten. And I have done the research.

Sugar Fairy April Simpson rules over the happy kingdom of Vanilla Pastry Studio with creativity, saturated flavors and a deft hand with sweetness levels and texture.

I want a moist flavorful cake with substance without being dry.  And I want a creamy, light icing that tastes like something other than just “sweet” and CANNOT have any granular, crunchiness to it.  I also want a cupcake that shows whimsy and creativity.  A pain in the ass right?  Not if you are Vanilla Pastry Studio – you deliver big time.  Mango, coconut, peanut butter or pink lemonade.  The possibilities are endless and I try out a couple every time.  I have even brought 200 of these babies across the border for a party in Toronto.  They met with rave reviews and wide open eyes.

They make gorgeous special occasion cakes which I have ordered a number of times, cookies, whoopie pies…but the cupcakes.  Oh. My. Pretty Great Coffee too.

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1130 South Braddock Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15218, United States

Phone Number

(412) 242-9820


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