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The only place for Omakase in Pittsburgh

If you are serious about sushi and are looking to do Omakase, the only place in Pittsburgh (sadly) is Umi.  Umi was not the only sushi joint to be doing Omakase in Pittsburgh, but sadly, a few months ago, my favorite sushi place ever, Fukuda. I had been to Umi a long time ago and was sushi novice at the time and just sat at a regular table and ordered what I thought was the least scary, paid a whole ton of money, left and went to go eat pizza because I was starving.  Years and many more sushi outings later, I was a regular at Fukuda and became addicted to ordering Omakase at Japanese restaurants.  After the mourning of Fukuda closing its doors wore off, I finally decided to give Umi another try.

When going to Umi, if you wish to try the Omakase, you must reserve at the sushi bar, which only serves in that style. Its basically a chef’s tasting. You can choose between seven courses and dessert for  $90 or eleven courses and dessert for $130.  Me and my three guests were out for a celebratory occasion, so opted for the $130 Omakase.  Every dish that came out was more delicious than the last and the fish was truly beautiful. Almost each course consisted of three pieces of the same fish prepared in the same way with a few exceptions. Being a pescetarian, only one course needed to be modified for yours truly; I was happy because the bite I had in place of everyone else’s meat MUST have been better than theirs.

By the end of the meal, my appetite was content, but I was certainly not full.  It was a truly beautiful meal and I look forward to my next visit, which due to the cost, will probably be saved for another celebratory occasion.

My taste buds left happy from Umi, but I couldn’t help dreaming about the gone but not forgotten Fukuda and wishing I had just left from a meal there.


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5849 Ellsworth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232, USA


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(412) 362-6198


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