Smelly Cat Charlotte, North-carolina, United-states

A great little coffee house where strangers don't mind if you hug them.

Okay, so maybe some strangers at Smelly Cat might be upset if you randomly hug them, but the lady I did was totally cool about it.

So I was supposed to meet someone there that I had been emailing and we had spoken on the phone. I had a photo of her…as I walked in to the coffee shop this lady who looked SOOOO much like the photo smiled, got up and said hello.  I said hi and introduced myself and hugged her….and she said, “you are not the person I am meeting.”  But she was good about the whole hugging thing.

So anyhoo- this place has great coffees and pastries and totally cool vibe.  It is the epicenter of the neighborhood run club and apparently of ninja huggers like me.


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514 E 36th St, Charlotte, NC 28205, USA

Phone Number

(704) 374-9656


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