Rooster’s Uptown Charlotte, North-carolina, United-states

A great dining room over a great bar with sinful eats and cocktail treats

When visiting Charlotte and staying Uptown, this is a definite go to.  Lunches are hopping and happy hour starts around 4 and doesn’t seem to end.  We got there right after the lunch rush which was kind of nice after a day of air travel.  Service was friendly and unhurried – though there were only 4 tables so take it from there.  Parking is a mixed bag so we self parked at the Ritz-Carlton and forgot to ask about validation.

I started with the “Troublesome” craft cocktail and hubbie had a local brew, Highland Gaelic Ale.  Both soothed the ragged nerves…not that we really had ragged nerves, but if we did, they would have been soothed.

The tomato bisque was so so yummy on a chilly day and hub’ s salad was yum.  I won in the entree round – although his Vietnamese Bhan Mi sub was tasty the server recommended a meatloaf on a bed of pureed sweet potato and sauteed spinach that kicked the sub’s ass down the block and back again.  Score 1 meatloaf!

We shared a side of mac n cheese – because, well, mac n cheese right?  It was tasty though I still think mine is better….but I didn’t have to do the dishes.


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150 North College Street, Charlotte, NC 28202, United States

Phone Number

(704) 370-7667


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