Queen of the Night New-york, New-york, United-states

If Cirque Du Soleil and Eyes Wide Shut had a baby, it would be called Queen of the Night.

This is an amazing immersive dinner theater experience.  It is hard to even call it dinner theater since that conjures up rubber chicken and cheesy puns.  This is not that.

Sexy, risque, funny, dramatic, all with tasty food in the setting of a Bacchanalian feast, leaves you not knowing where to look.  This experience is not the for the prudish.  If nipples and simulated sex on stage would send you in to a tailspin of shame and offense, this is not the show for you.

Each table is served a one large portion of a protein – it could be a cage of lobsters, an entire suckling pig or some gigantic, Flintstone sized ribs.  If you want something different than what you have, you will need to barter for it with another table.  This is great fun.

You may be subjected to impromptu performances all around you or that include you- some will be overtly sexual, some will be acrobatic, some will be both. Get there as soon as the doors open and drink the Moscow Mules in their fab copper cups. Splurge for the premium bar inclusive ticket. Tour through the space before the show begins, including a couple “naughty” rooms in the back – you will know them when you see them.


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Paramount Hotel, 235 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036, United States

Phone Number

(212) 764-5500



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