The Joint New-orleans, Louisiana, United-states

Like going to your best friend's backyard BBQ. If your best friend has an industrial smoker and loves pig.

This place was recommended to us by our taxi driver Gus, who used to be a cop and has lived in New Orleans his whole life.  I actually don’t think there can be a better pedigree for recommending BBQ than that.  Its a pokey little place in the Bywater by the railroad tracks.  (Isn’t that the way with all of the best places?)

Nothing about this place is fancy. Not the parking, not the building, not the service, which is very utilitarian. You grab a menu, line up, get your number, pour your own drinks and grab a spot at one of the picnic tables-don’t be sassy if you have to share. Go take a peek out back towards the restrooms where you will find the gigantic wood fire smoker behind a couple of cords (that’s lots) of wood with some long suffering sweaty guy loading it up with decadent, drop off the bone carnivorous fare.

You will smell of this smoke…but hey that is not a bad thing. The sides are fine, tasty but not out of this world but the BBQ—well that is another story. I am sure someone has written a sonnet to the meat at the Joint. As it should be. Go there.

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701 Mazant St, New Orleans, LA 70117, USA

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