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Even you have a perfectly good head of hair---Go Wig Out at Fifi Mahony's

Buying a wig at Fifi Mahony’s is one of the most fun things you can do in NOLA.  Yes, I know that sounds crazy but you can take my word (and the word of 10-20 people who come with me every time) that it is a quintessential New Orleans experience that should not be missed.  What do you need a wig for you ask?  Well, if you must have a reason, then any one of the costume parties or parades going on in NOLA, in mardi gras season or otherwise is a good enough one.  And this just isn’t for the ladies, my husband has not one but  two wigs purchased there and has found a surprising number of occasions to wear them completely unrelated to New Orleans.  And last time we were there every single guy in our group got one as well.

There are professional wig-fitters (who knew that was even a thing) there so the process is very clearly laid out; purchase a wig cap then ponder the 100’s of options while you wait in line for one of the incredibly gifted staff to help you find your wig glory.

I cannot say enough about the talent of these people in finding a wig that brings out something in you….that something might be a bad ass or a bitch, or maybe even a reincarnation of Elvis but it will be fabulous.

Our friend referred to one guy as the “wig whisperer” who found wigs like the sorting hat in Harry Potter put people in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. Prices range from $30- unlimited with a very good selection in the $60 range.

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934 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70116, United States


Phone Number

(504) 525-4343


The best place to get costume wigs - once you have one you will need more. It's like that.

Make sure to purchase a wig cap at the front before you go for your fitting.

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