Bonaventure Cemetery Tour with Shannon Scott Savannah, Georgia, United-states

Yes it is a cemetery - it is also the best possible way to get a feel for the history and infamy of Savannah.

I love history and one of the best ways I have found to really get an understanding of a city is through its cemeteries.  It will tell you who had money (Big plots and monuments) and who didn’t – who had luck, living to a ripe old age, and who didn’t – like children fallen in a smallpox epidemic.  But the unique thing about Bonaventure is that it was not just a place for the dead, it was considered a park for the living, a place to escape the dirty streets and foul air of the city, commune with your departed family and enjoy the sun.  The cemetery itself was part of a grand plantation at one time so it’s very existence is a story in itself.

We took an afternoon tour with guide, Shannon Scott – historian, storyteller, artist, poet.  It was an afternoon well spent!

We learned about the founding of the city and the families that built it up to be the charming city it is today.  We also learned about the feuds, the heartbreaks, the disappointments and the triumphs of the city through the stories of its inhabitants.

Wear comfortable shoes, bring bug spray and a hat if its a hot day;   tell Shannon we sent you.

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330 Bonaventure Road, Thunderbolt, GA 31404, United States

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