The Hyppo Pop Shops St-augustine, Florida, United-states

The perfect cool confection to enjoy while exploring St. Augustine.

We discovered this delightful place on a blazing hot summer day.  We had been marching our children around the Historic district, taking in the Fort, talking about the history of North America.  Ya- so the kids hated us, hated the trip and hated the whole damn thing.

We stepped into this popsicle nirvana and realized this wasn’t just for the kiddies.  Strawberry basil, champagne and orange, Tequila Mango?  Oh hello! And all of these pops are made from fresh fruit and ingredients that don’t require a degree in chemistry to understand or pronounce.

There were plenty of kid friendly flavors as well and everyone left happy and instantly transformed into the intrepid and curious little travelers we know them to be.  My youngest slurped hers and said, “Mommy, it tastes like there might actually be strawberries in this strawberry popsicle.”

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48 Charlotte St, St Augustine, FL 32084, USA

Phone Number

(904) 217-7853


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