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For those who refuse to drive a minivan or stay at crap hotel - We have a reputation to think of you know.

If you are travelling with smaller rugrats book the Kids Suite room so you can have privacy (ie. sex) which will make you a lot less grumpy about the added expense.  If you need another reason to justify the upcharge consider all the money you are saving by getting the free Express Pass as a hotel guest which will save you time and the aggravation of standing in two hour long line ups pondering why you didn’t eat the children when their bones were soft.

The biggest benefit for the Loews Hotels is that each registered guest gets an automatic Express Pass for free.  This is a big deal.  The passes can run anywhere from $60-$100 per day per person depending on the time of year. If you stay at a Loews (not including Cabana Bay) you get one for the all the days of stay including your check-in and check-out days.  You also get to go in to the Harry Potter sections of the Park 1 hour prior to the General Public. This is important.

An Express Unlimited pass gets you into the short line for all the eligible rides as many times as you want.  On days with 90 minute waits for some rides, you will be forced to shell out for the passes or just really really wish you had.

Harry Potter is NOT eligible for the Express Pass.  This is why early access for hotel guests is great.  Go and do the Harry Potter stuff first thing in the morning with your extra hour of access before you have to fight off the Hordes.  Then you can ride on your zippity quick Express Pass for the rest of the day. Later you can be sipping a cold beer watching those poor suckers who weren’t smart like you wilting in line and praying for death to come.


As with all Loews Hotels, there is an emphasis on service and you will find lots of options for big and little kids from a food and entertainment standpoint. All three of the onsite Loews hotels are readily accessible to both parks and City Walk.  You can take a boat shuttle from your hotel to the park gates, walk along a well lit path or hop on one of the bicycle rickshaws.


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5800 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32819, United States

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(407) 503-2000



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