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Old school BBQ in Fort Lauderdale

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Can you smell that?  It’s the scent of deliciousness and it’s coming from a teeny tiny BBQ joint on State Rd 7 and Davie Rd.  You can probably detect the heavenly aroma of their house made bacon and pulled pork from anywhere in Broward county.  You’ve no doubt already heard of them. They have won awards (tons of them) for their pulled pork sandwiches, BBQ chicken and their banana pudding.  But I’m here to tell you their secret and I’m not even sure that they know it.. .. They have THE BEST breakfast in town.  I’m kinda a bacon addict, or guru, so I might be partial to their particular penchant for all things pork.  However, their breakfast usually does the trick for everyone (except maybe the vegetarian in your entourage).  Beyond the eggs & bacon, definitely try the biscuits & gravy.  Flaky bits of buttery biscuit dipped into dreamy sausage gravy.  I guess it’s still a pork item, but my cholesterol levels have been good lately, so I go for it.

Just remember to treat your server politely, the morning shift is mostly “Minnie” and she will take the best care of you.  If you become a breakfast regular, she will have memorized your drink order and bring it to you as you sit down.  There really is nothing else like this place.



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1285 Florida 7, Davie, FL 33317, United States

Phone Number

(954) 587-4420

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