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A tour of the waterways and mansions, a bottle of wine and thou...

This is the best way to tour Fort Lauderdale.   Dubbed the “Venice of America,” this city is also the yachting capital of the world.  So some of the best sights are only seen from the water.

The Water Taxi is a hop on hop off service that has service throughout Fort Lauderdale and even down the intracoastal to Hollywood.

You can grab the taxi at many of the stops along the canal by the beach or off Las Olas.  There is a map and a very approximate schedule online.  They are happy to have you bring food or drink on board.  Better to go with unbreakable containers.  Tickets get cheaper later in the day but in the grand scheme of things $20 bucks for the day is cheap.  The entire loop is about 2 hours long.  You can get off and get back on any of the steps with boats going in both directions of the loops.  Your ticket gives you deals at restaurants and bars so hang on to it for that and getting back on.

Some of the larger boats have bars and bathrooms….the little ones DO NOT.  So plan ahead.  Also if you are going at night don’t make the mistake of staying on the northbound boat past the Beach Place Towers stop because you will be going past the state park and back in the dark which takes about 45 mins.  Relaxing during the day but dead boring at night.  Unless of course you still have wine, don’t have to pee and just want to smooch with your honey.


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413 Southwest 3rd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315, USA

Phone Number

954 467 6677



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