Blue Jean Blues Fort-lauderdale, Florida, United-states

A great bar that devotes itself to quality live music every day in a classy, speakeasy atmosphere.

We all know that  South Florida is God’s Waiting Room. And the existence and crowd of Blue Jean Blues is a testament to that.

So if you are under 70 you are going to feel like a freakin’ teenager here.  But that is awesome. Because the fact that everyone wants to retire to South Florida for the winter means that a bunch, and I mean a bunch, of solid, even semi famous musicians are down here for the winter months and still want to play, and make a little money too.  These are bands and individuals who have a number of recordings to their name, are solid session artists, music professors, you name it.  So the quality of the music here is off the hook.

I am sure there is enough titanium in the hips and knees of the crowd to build an Iron Man costume – but it doesn’t stop them from taking to the dance floor and shaking what their mama gave ’em.

The people watching, in combination with the great music is enough to justify the very small ($5 or $10 depending) cover they charge.

The food is solid, late night bites or for dinner to guarantee a table for the early set.  Steak tips are a favorite.  Wine list and cocktails are good and not expensive by Fort Lauderdale standards.

The other thing I love about this place is the die hard fans that come every night, no matter who is playing, to have a cocktail and listen to live music.  It is inspiring.  Our favorite patron is Babette, an octogenarian from New York, who hires a driver every night to bring her to listen to the music.  We have never been there when she has not.  The manager reserves a particular bar stool for her.  And you CANNOT be the one to violate that sacred stool because everyone in that bar will cut you.  No shit.

At first, Babette would arrive, assisted by her driver and the manager to her spot where she would sip a martini and take in the music.  Now, she needs a walker as well and the martini has been replaced by a glass of wine with a straw but she is there.  Every time we go, I see her, her silver hair in an elegant chignon, pearls around her neck and I think to myself, “I want to be Babette when I grow up.”

So if you go there and you see Babette, say hello, if she isn’t there then toast her memory.


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3320 Northeast 33rd Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308, United States


Phone Number

(954) 306-6330


Get there early and say hi to Babette for me.

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