Sift Dessert Bar San-francisco, California, United-states

Satisfy your sweet tooth at the ultimate dessert destination in San Francisco!

Some people have a sweet tooth, but I have a mouth full of them. I have had my share of cookies and cupcakes throughout my 1 year of life but these desserts take the cake. (Pun Intended).

Sift Dessert Bar sits just off Fillmore St. and is a perfect stop after dinner, during the afternoon, or for breakfast. (Hey, I’m not judging here). The storefront and it’s interior are decorated as adorable and sweet as a cake. You enter, a wave of sugar scented air smacks you in the face and before you lies the holy grail of desserts and cupcakes. I should also mention that Sift won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars for their Samoa Girl Scout cupcake. (IT IS A MUST HAVE, I REPEAT, A MUST HAVE). All of their cakes and cupcakes are perfectly baked and come in a multitude of quirky and delicious flavors. Another one of my favorite treats are Sift’s homemade whoopee pies. They have tons of different cookie flavors to choose from as well as two different frostings: buttercream and cream cheese. Pro tip: Order the sugar cookie with the cream cheese frosting and I promise you will not regret it one bit. Below is a photo of myself giving my mom “the look” so she will think I’m starving and will die if I don’t get any of her cookie. It never fails.

Sift can also make custom orders and create masterpieces for special occasions. My dad got mom an awesome birthday cake covered in edible glitter and it didn’t last but a day due to it’s deliciousness. Your boss, your friend, or whoever you’re trying to impress will definitely will be with a box of Sift cupcakes or cookies. Don’t miss this hot spot in San Francisco next time you’re in town!

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2411 California St, San Francisco, CA 94115

Phone Number

(415) 580-3030




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