Lafayette Park San-francisco, California, United-states

Grab a picnic lunch, your pooch & head to one of the most beautiful spots in SF! Soak up the sun & views!

My favorite place to be on a sunny day, Lafayette Park is the perfect spot to soak up the sunshine, enjoy the company of other San Franciscans, and enjoy a picnic or a beverage. This park is very dog friendly, and you can be assured that your pooch will be exhausted by the time you leave. The views and the park are both very beautiful so be sure to bring a camera.


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Gough St. & Washington St., San Francisco, CA 94109, United States


Phone Number

(415) 713-4997

Looking to do what the San Franciscans do on a beautiful afternoon? Look no further. This is, hands down, my favorite place in San Francisco. It’s a hooman and pooches paradise. The park sits on top of a hill and has fabulous views of the city. It’s the perfect place to bring a blanket and have a picnic. There is a dog park here, but dogs tend to frolic around the entire park and are allowed everywhere (technically they aren’t, however, no one cares). If you’re looking for a great picnic lunch to-go, check out Cheese Plus on Polk St. nearby. They have delicious gourmet sandwiches, a huge meat and cheese selection, delicious sides, and beer and wine. The best thing about San Francisco is you can actually drink in the parks (hoomans rejoice!). On a beautiful day, the park will usually be pretty busy, but there is always room for more. You will hear music playing, see dogs frolicking and children laughing. It truly embodies what it means to be a San Franciscan. If you’re lucky you will see me and some of my frenchie friends causing trouble and trying to join other hooman’s picnics without being invited.

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