Barndiva Healdsburg, California, United-states

Just another locally sourced, whimsical DELICIOUS restaurant in wine country.

It is hideously unfair that every where you turn in California wine country there is a charming without being twee, serious foodie without taking itself too seriously, restaurant.  With a killer wine list (obvs) and craft cocktails with fresh ginger simple syrup or some candied rind of some sort.  With an “of the moment” selection of menu items that make your mouth water.  And of course it is in a big red barn and there is very cool art on the walls and a delightfully irreverent wait staff.  It would be effing annoying if it wasn’t so good.

And Barn Diva is that good.  Tucked just off the town square of Healdsburg, through a rustic courtyard filled with rusting objets de farm, covered in twinkly lights and welcoming into the cocoon of yumminess that waits for you.  The lofty ceilings, warm glowing dining room and barbed wire animal head sculptures on the wall set the perfect stage for the food and drink which is just was warm and delightful.

Starting with a cocktail with a moniker “Bitches of the Seizième, ” we were in for something good.

After going back and forth several times—I don’t like to order the same things as my hubbie because then how would I justify eating his dinner? –we chose a multi course and asked for wine parings to go with.  We weren’t disappointed.  The server told us the menu changes regularly so my recommendations are as follows: “EAT THE FOOD.  WHATEVER THE CHEF MAKES YOU. EAT THAT. HE KNOWS STUFF.”

With cocktails and wine, our meal was close to $200 plus tip.

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231 Center Street, Healdsburg, CA 95448, United States


Phone Number

(707) 431-0100


Open Wednesday to Friday only.
They have modern cottages you can rent.
And no shit: you can butcher a pig with them. I don't know why you would want to but there you are. It's an option.

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