Restaurant Dal Barone Amsterdam, North-holland, Netherlands

Fresh trad-Italian fare in a sleepy neighbourhood in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is not a city renowned for its cuisine.  Standard Dutch fare is generally pretty awful, a fact of which I was reminded when I stared blankly at the menu of the first restaurant I visited on a recent conference trip to Amsterdam.  (I recalled that, years before, on a trip with my significant other, we had been appalled by the food on offer in this city). Fortunately, the very next evening I found Dal Barone.

Perhaps 200m from my hotel, (the Bilderberg Garden), Dal Barone offers simple, well-crafted Italian fare, with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and uncomplicated plating.  The risotto ai frutti di mare was the stand-out for me, though one of my dinner companions also enjoyed the sea bass fillet, which is served with an assortment of fresh seafood steamed in foil.  The grilled rib eye was serviceable, if a bit uninspired, but it’s really the seafood items that are the focus here.  Wines were very average, but the restaurant was so unpretentious and welcoming, and the food so delicious, that I ate there three nights in a row.

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Beethovenstraat 16, 1077 JG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone Number

020 679 6072


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