Palissandre Hôtel & Spa Antanananivo, Mahajanga, Madagascar

Beautiful Hotel in the friendly city of Antananarivo

We stayed here as a stop over hotel between places while visiting in Madagascar. I was not expecting much based on the website. Much to my surprise, it was a wonderful hotel. The food, service, room, and spa were fantastic. We bought some jewelry in the lobby as well that was beautiful from a local designer. The first night we had a room with a balcony, which was great, you had a wonderful view of the city and it was so peaceful from there. If you’re looking for a nice place to stay in the city, this is THE place to be. If you dont stay here, you can always come for the restaurant which was great.

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Lalana Andriandahifotsy, Madagascar

Phone Number

020 22 605 60


The lovely Royal Palissandre or Palissandre Hôtel & Spa is located in the heart of the capital and largest city in Madagascar,Antananarivo.  This hotel exceeded expectations beyond belief.  Based on the lack luster website, I wasn’t expecting much, but couldn’t be more wrong.  It was beautiful. On arrival, I was greeted with a delicious glass of what I think was a mint iced tea and what practically felt like the red carpet treatment.  We went up to our room to drop our bags and get ready for dinner, which we decided we would have at the hotel that evening since the tea was so yummy.  Our room was great and had a balcony, which not all rooms do, so if you stay here, you NEED to request a room with a balcony.  The view is incredible! Also worth noting is that this hotel has free wifi in the rooms.  I was shocked because I did not expect any internet anywhere in this country.  This gave us the ability to finally check in with family to let them know we were safe and sound and already had lemurs on our heads.

While we were out on our balcony, the phone rang.  It was the spa calling.  (I thought only in my dreams spas would beckon me at 9pm).  They were calling to let us know that they were still open for the evening if we were interested in any services.  Was I interested?  I never turn down a spa, and I never dreamed it would still be open and that we would actually be able to get appointments.  So once our our Madagascar THB beers were finished, I ran down to the spa for a massage.  The spa was beautiful, tranquil and used local Malagasy products.  They greeted me with tea and sat down to figure out the type of massage I would get and whisked me off to a room where I had one of the best massages I have ever had for a very reasonable price.

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