Anjajavy L’Hotel Anjajavy, Mahajanga, Madagascar

Paradise on Earth in Madagascar - Anjajavy L'Hotel - perfect hotel for adventurer lovers and naturalists.

Anjajavy L’hotel is located on the northwestern coast of Madagascar in the Anjajavy Forest, which is a dry deciduous forest and because it is so remote from the major city center of Tana, it is more protected from the slash and burn sites that are sadly common in Madagascar, and therefore provides a sanctuary for wildlife, making Anjajavy a mecca for endemic and endangered species.

Anjajavy L’hotel is truly paradise.  For anyone who is willing to travel far for an incredible life changing place on earth, look no further.  The hotel is not cheap, but I think if this hotel were anywhere else in the world it would be 10x more expensive.

Anjajavy L’hotel is so far off the beaten path, you must take a private tiny plane to get there.  So if you are afraid of flying, this may not be the best hotel for you.  The flight to get there is included in the pricing of your stay, so do not let that deter you. The hotel has its own “airport” which is the most adorable “airport I have ever seen.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Cedric, the manager of the hotel, and his wife, and we took about a 30-40 minute scenic drive from the airport to the hotel through the forest which was a treat of its own.  Within minutes we started spotting the wildlife of the region and saw tsingy, baobabs and mangroves.

When we finally arrived at Anjajavy, we were greeted by the whole staff outside the hotel singing and dancing a traditional welcome for our arrival (which we later learned was not for us, it was for our flight-mate, the creator of the hotel.  But we pretended it was for us).  After our awesome welcome, we were given a delicious cocktail and introduced to what would be our home for the next week…

When staying at Anjajavy L’Hotel, everyone gets their own villa on the ocean. The villa was spectacular. If I could build my house in the style of this villa, I would. Actually, if I could just live in that villa, I would.  Everything at this hotel was made of rich and warm palissandre wood, or Madagascar rosewood, which is a rare and beautiful wood from the country.  (For those of you who want specifics, I think the villa was #24?)

Wildlife was one of the main reasons for us choosing Madagascar as a destination and prior to arriving at Anjajavy, we certainly saw a lot of wildlife in the country already, but we had no idea what was in store in Anjajavy.  Lemurs are perhaps one of the most well known animals in Madagascar, and most don’t realize these incredible animals are endemic to Madagascar and can only be seen in the wild there. The Anjajavy region is protected and the hotel is serious about creating a sanctuary there for both the tourist and the local wildlife.  What they have achieved there is unbelievable.

There is a beautiful Oasis on the property of the hotel.  I see why they call it the Oasis since it is one of the most peaceful places on earth (besides the mosquitoes).  The Oasis was designed by a famous Parisian landscape architect, Camille Muller, who designed it to gather some of the most rare species in the world.  Every afternoon they offer tea on the Oasis and you can sit and enjoy the wildlife in a beautiful setting.

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Péninsule d'Anjajavy, Anjajavy Village 515, Madagascar

Phone Number

020 62 320 00





The Oasis, Anjajavy L’Hotel

The Oasis, Anjajavy L’Hotel. Photo by Aimee DiAndrea

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