Anjajavy Noctural Walk Anjajavy, Mahajanga, Madagascar

Anjajavy Noctural Walk - not for the skittish...

A once in a lifetime nocturnal walk with some serious creepy crawlers in the Anjajavy reserve.


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Anjajavy Reserve, Madagascar


Phone Number

020 22 327 59

One of the activities included during the stay at Anjajavy L’Hotel is a night walk to see the nocturnal species in the region.  I was very excited for this as I really wanted to see some adorable mouse lemurs.  The walk was less about mouse lemurs and more about things that would freak you out if they were in your backyard.  Thankfully we did not see any of these scary things near our villa or the restaurant.  We had to walk a ways before we encountered the things that went bump in the night.

Finally, after an evening of walking we spotted some adorable Mouse Lemurs. I don’t know how I would have ever seen these little guys if it wasn’t for Max, our tour guide, pointing them out.  He could spot things like no one else.

Mouse Lemur

Mouse Lemur. Photo by Aimee DiAndrea

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