Lemur Island – Andasibe National Park Andasibe, Mahajanga, Madagascar

Up close and personal with the Lemurs in Madagascar.

On the way out of Andasibe, our guide mentioned something called Lemur Island to us and urged us to check it out.  We were going to pass it up because we thought it would be like a small lemur zoo, but decided we had the extra $3.00 it would cost us and should take advantage of some time left in the region before our car would be leaving. I am so glad we decided to do it since this turned out to be a highlight of the trip and it was our chance to really get to know the Lemurs.

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Moramanga, Madagascar

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While we walked towards the island, our guide yelled to me and threw me a banana and warned me to not get scared if a lemur jumps on my shoulder (WHAT?!?!). Excited, we jumped in a canoe and took the 30 second trip across to the island where we were instantly greeted by these amazingly adorable animals.

We were a little leery of the Island at first because I’m a big animal advocate, and I never want to see animals taken out of  the wild for human enjoyment.  But Lemur Island is actually a reserve that protects these species and usually takes in rescue lemurs for the island.  Works for me!

It was amazing to actually touch the lemurs and see their funny personalities up close.


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