Viareggio Viareggio, Toscana, Italy

Even though Venice takes all the glory, Viareggio proves to be a great carnival destination for families

Venice is a great destination. No doubt about that. However, carnival might be a hectic time to visit it, particularly if you have children. Instead, we suggest you head to Viareggio in the Tuscan region. Its carnival celebration has been going on since 1873, with the parade of oversized, paper mache floats and mask being the highlight. The floats carry characters that depict famous musicians, scientists, politicians; and are animated with lively music, with tens of people on each float dancing to it. One of the great things about the parade which runs down Viareggio avenue, is that it goes in circles for a number of hours, making it really easy to take in all the action. If you miss a float, you can just go around the corner, or wait in the same spot for it to pass by again. The atmosphere is super casual and family friendly, with people just walking up and down the street admiring the parade. Given that the carnival parades run in February, there is not much else to do in Viareggio at this time of the year. We arrived the day before, had a nice dinner at a local osteria and left on the evening the day after, once the parade was done.  We highly recommend Viareggio for Italy in February.

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Viareggio LU, Italy

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