Fish La Boissonnerie Paris, Ile-de-france, France

Beautifully prepared seafood, in the heart of Paris.

Not one of us speaks French, not even those cute little useful phrases that we all should have studied up on before our trip.  Days of Parisians giving us the “I’m bored and refuse to help you” stare, while we pathetically tried to translate their menus.  Then we were brought here by a well traveled foodie, one who visits Paris quite frequently and is also not a Francophile.  But something here was different… The server was friendly and smiling.  She didn’t flinch at all with our sad attempts at reading the menu. At one point, the server actually translated it for us.  We were in shock, but so grateful we didn’t dare speak and have her realize her blunder at helping us crazy Americans…

As for the food, I’m pretty sure no one chooses a restaurant based on the bread.  But if you were going to, this is the place.  They are across the street from a bakery that seems to hold the same hours as the restaurant.  At various times, our server throughout the night would run across the street for a fresh loaf.  This is not the time to count carbs.  Eat the damn bread.  After that, you will need to save a little room for some of the most delicious artichoke soup I’ve come across.  I should be clear, I didn’t order the soup, my friend did; but that didn’t stop the rest of us from eating most of it. As for the main course,  I somehow skipped anything seafood related and ordered the lamb entree (I tend to order lamb whenever it is an option) and almost licked my plate clean.  It was perfectly paired with mint leaves and sweet breads and not a crumb was left.

Everyone raved about their meals for days.  A definite must do next time you are in Paris.



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69 Rue de Seine, 75006 Paris, France

Phone Number

01 43 54 34 69


The owner of the restaurant also owns a small wine store around the corner and suggested great wine pairings for all of our meals. Listen to the staff, they are quite knowledgeable.

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