Place Du Terte Artist Market Paris, Ile-de-france, France

A charming square lined with little cafes and many artists plying their wares.

Yes, this is a square that is filled mostly with tourists heading to or from their trek up the steps to visit Sacre Coeur. And yes, there are many artists here painting small, tourist driven pieces to sell.  But they are artists, and though you may not find the next Picasso here, you might.

Guess what art snobbies? Picasso did actually paint and sell here.

So here is what I suggest you do – do the Sacre Coeur first.  Then come have a small bite at one of the cafes in the square.  They are all very simple with similar menus so choose one that has seating.  And people watch.  Then make a few turns around the square and think about what you could carry home with you that would remind you of his place and the day you had.

That is what I did, I bought 3 of the very similar paintings that an artist had lots of – and when I got them home I thought they looked really cool – and they looked unique, because the whole booth of them wasn’t coming home with me, just the ones I picked.   I paid less than $20 for each of them. And they make me happy every day when I look at them because they remind me of that trip with my husband and walking those steps, and wandering.  As you can only do in Paris.

Keep an eye open, you may find something you love too…

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Place du Tertre, 75018 Paris, France

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