Hotel Nacional De Cuba Havana, Havana, Cuba

The most iconic hotel in Havana, or perhaps even Cuba.

Now that Cuba is opening up to American travel, allowing an influx of tourist dollars and American goods, there may be a change in the complexion of tourism in Cuba.

In the meantime, you must realize that travelling is Cuba may be a bit more utilitarian than you are used to.  Especially if you are outside of the traditional touristy areas such as Varadero and to some extent, Havana.

This hotel is the best hotel in Havana for my liking.  It is older, and has the quirks of a historical building but it is stunning, the grounds are beautiful and it give you the feeling of what Havana must have been like with starlets and global power brokers roaming the halls of this hotel.

Former guests include; Winston Churchill, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra – so hey if it was good enough for them…

When the hotel opening in the 1930’s it quickly became the place to see, be seen and stay-in fact some folks took up residence there.  It was managed by an American Company who tried to refuse entry to Nat King Cole and Josephine Baker on racist grounds but then was forced to relent.

When the revolution triumphed in January of 1959 – the American Management fled and the staff took over the hotel.  The hotel was pressed in to service as a residence for students of the Havana dressmaking school and military personnel but always retained its majesty – even if a bit tarnished.

The hotel has been refurbished and is a delight to wander around even if you aren’t staying there.

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Havana, Cuba

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