Colon Cemetery (Christopher Columbus Cemetery) Havana, Havana, Cuba

Yes- we are suggesting you go visit a cemetery, so how good must it be?

This is a place where it is very worth it to pay a guide.  The cemetery is not only the largest depository of Italian marble outside of Italy, it is also a protected Unesco World Heritage Site, and for good reason.  Yes, there are famous politicians, religious leaders and celebrities here; but more, the history of Cuba is laid out here among the graves.

It is here you gain a better understanding of life in Cuba, its alliances through history and what it was in its glory days. It is still an active cemetery with remains being removed and stored after three years to make room for the new arrivals.  Covering 140 acres of land in central Havana, the cemetery is a museum – to arts, history, politics, culture and of course, sorrow.  People still come to visit, pray and make donations at the tomb of St. Amelia, who died in childbirth – they make offerings for healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries – bringing the hope for new life into this place that is a monument to death.

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Havana, Cuba


there was a small cost to gain entrance to the cemetery but it was included in our rate with our guide. Highly recommend a guide.

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