Falling in love in Cartagena Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia

One of the most romantic cities in the world

Located in Colombia’s Caribbean coast, Cartagena is the place to visit if you only have one stop in the country. For long, Cartagena has been a tourist destination for Colombians but it was only 15 years ago more or less that it started welcoming international visitors. Its historic district or Ciudad Antigua (Old City) has been declared a UNESCO site and rightfully so. The city preserves much of the Spanish colonial architecture with beautiful balconies from where varied flowers hang. The houses have been refurbished to be ultra modern inside but outside the city preserves a very consistent and colorful look. We recommend you stay in a villa if you’re a large group, otherwise, any of the new boutique hotels that have sprout in the city will do. Once settled, you should fully take advantage of the Old City and explore it thoroughly. Don’t be afraid to sit down and eat at the small local eateries with their unbelievably fresh fish (you will often be able to select the fish you’d like to have from the fisherman’s hand). As well, be sure to try muelitas de cangrejo, “little crab legs” and prawns in garlic sauce.¬†Enjoy the fruit on the street (you will likely never taste fruit like this again!)…mangoes, coconuts, ciruelas, guanabana, nispero and maracuya. Different to treats and snacks most everywhere else in the world, Colombian street food is made of mostly savory treats: arepas (corn paddies) which you can enjoy with cheese or even with an egg; bunuelos (deep fried dough with cheese); and the famous empanaditas. Given the heat and humidity, the city becomes more lively after 4pm once the heat starts to subside a bit. Find a spot on the walls (the old city is surrounded by walls built to protect it from pirates) to enjoy some early evening cocktails, before heading to dinner and a night out in the town.

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