Momofuku Milk Bar Store Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Expensive, exquisite, blow your mind desserts that are worth every dime. Crack Pie. Enough said.

I love to cook, and I am a solid baker.  I can tackle pretty much every recipe.  I prefer not to spend money on things I can make better, cheaper or easier at home.  I also don’t want to buy desserts that are not made on site.

First, these treats are a little pricey- I mean a whole Crack Pie (yes I priced it out) is $48 and a single slice is $6 before you add the cereal milk ice cream which I heartily recommend you do if you are eating in.  The cookies are $2 each which doesn’t seem too bad until your 5 kids each pick 3 and you realize you are paying $30 for cookies.  But it doesn’t matter.  It also doesn’t matter that this is a satellite kiosk store of the NYC stores and all the desserts are made in Williamsburg in Brooklyn.  The fact is it doesn’t matter because from the Crack Pie to the Compost Cookie, these treats are worth every dime and calorie and taste like your grandma made them.  If your grandma was kind of a whacked out baking genius.

The Milk Bar is set up as a little refrigerated self serve walk in pantry on the 2nd floor of the Momofuko Noole Bar et al building.  You could just go in there and fill your basket with goodies to go and pay downstairs.  Or you can purchase a dessert that they will plate and serve to you with the cereal milk ice crea,.  Or you can do what we do, buy some to eat right away and extras, just because, for later.  Like 5 minutes later.

Last time we were there I added the cookbook and some of the more obscure ingredients to my purchase.  Yes, I came home and made a few items.  Like the crack pie—and it was really really good.  But it was WORK.  I think I would double the price, but don’t tell Chang.


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2nd Floor, 190 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5H, Canada

Phone Number

(855) 333-6455


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