The Reservoir Lounge Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hot live swing music and amazing dancing - even if you just watch it is inspiring.

The first time I went to the Reservoir Lounge was when I started dating my husband and I was supposed to meet all of his friends for the first time.  We arrived and within 2 minutes of the introduction, a waiter, making his way through the crowd and passing over our table with a tray of glasses of red wine dumped the entire thing on my head.

It was like the final prom scene in Carrie.

Wait? What? you had a gallon of red wine dumped on your head and you are RECOMMENDING this place?  Yes, yes I am.  That is how awesome it is.  It is worth gluing yourself back together, using the continuous roll hand towel in the bathroom, two bobby pins and some MacGyver-like ingenuity to appear somewhat together so you can stay and dance and listen to the live swing bands that appear here.  This is serious music, seriously fun, and serious swing dancers come here…and they will even take you out on the floor and give you an impromptu lesson if you are so inclined to learn – which I was, even though I smelled like a party the day after and looked like I might have murdered someone.

They do have a full menu and you can make reservations for dinner but they must be made before 9 pm – but you get your table for the whole evening.

If you are just going to for drinks and music it is first come first serve.  We have ordered shared plates with a reservation as there is a minimum $10 food charge per person…but really it is worth it to stake out a good spot.  The food was tasty though not spectacular – tapas and pizza but certainly good value and worth scoring a table for a larger group.  We usually make our reservations for 8:30 and that works a charm.

Check the website for who is playing – they have live music 5 nights a week -but really you can’t go wrong.  And if you decide to take one for the team and get a whole tray of drinks dumped on your head your table will drink for free for the evening.  Let;s just say that after that night my husband’s friends liked me more than him and I got some serious bad ass cred for gutting it out.

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52 Wellington Street East, Toronto, ON M5E 1C9, Canada


Phone Number

(416) 955-0887


Closed Sunday and Monday

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