The Bagel House Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Montreal style bagels - yes they are different. And better.

I am pretty darn clear about my love of Montreal style bagels.  I actually don’t eat any other kind.  I can’t be bothered.  If it is not the chewy sesame goodness of a Montreal style bagel it isn’t worth the carb guilt.  I have had people smuggle them in to the US for me to keep in my freezer and ration out like toilet paper in Mother Russia – do you deserve a bagel today, hmmmm….

Imagine my delight when we discovered a Montreal style bagel shop in Port Credit in Mississauga – Are you imagining it?  Well it was like that, only involving circle claps and a little jig.

This place isn’t fancy, a pokey little spot with bagel bins, a sandwich making counter, a couple of coolers for drinks and maybe some other stuff.  I’m not totally sure because I was fixated on the bagels…and they didn’t disappoint.  Toasted, buttered, a little pepper- and I was transported back to may favorite bagel shop in Montreal (Le Faubourg which is sadly now defunct, le sigh).

The dine in option is rather spartan and I would just as soon take my bagels to go and nibble them while I wander down by the lake.  In addition to the big bag I am carrying back home with me for my personal hoard of course.



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235 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, ON L5G 1G8, Canada

Phone Number

(905) 891-9696


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