The Elbow Room Cafe Vancouver, British-columbia, Canada

Breakfast served with a side of campy attitude and abuse. On Purpose. It's their thing.

I went here all the time when I loved in Vancouver and I go every time I visit.  Because it is an institution, because it is an antidote to pretentious bullshit service and because it is FUN.  And their breakfast is decent too.

If there is a line up you need to wait.  Go pour yourself a coffee.  Even if you ask for one once you sit down you are expected to go get it yourself from the coffee station and someone is bound to say to you “There isn’t a piano tied to your ass, there is the coffee.”  If you don’t know this is their thing you might be insulted.  But since they have been doing this thing since 1983 your ignorance is on you.  The breakfast and lunch menu is standard fare and tasty. With a few surprises like a savory pancake in there just for fun.

Get ready to dish out some witty banter and and get ready to reach into your wallet for more than the cost of your meal if you don’t clean your plate.  Here if you have leftovers, it means a donation to local charity Loving Spoonful, a food pantry for those living with AIDS.

Never has being insulted felt so so good.

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560 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2G4, Canada


Phone Number

(604) 685-3628


Open at 9 am on Weekdays and 8 am on Weekends. Closing time? Well the website says "at discretion of management" but a sign in the restaurant says "whenever the hell we feel like it."

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