Cathedral Grove at MacMillan Provincial Park Nanaimo, British-columbia, Canada

This stand of old growth trees defies description. It is the place that invented cliches like Majestic Wonder

It is very hard to explain how amazing the experience of walking through Cathedral Grove is.  The immensity of the Douglas Firs make one feel like they are in a Johnathan Swift story;  that giants will come through and you will have to hide under a toad stool.  Or maybe the story is Alice In Wonderland where you have fallen down the rabbit hole and shrunk to itty bittiness.  Either way, it feels like fiction, like this couldn’t possibly be a real place and you couldn’t possibly be in it.

It is also hard to imagine how old the forest is- how truly long the life cycle of a forest is.  There is a great interpretative trail that shares the history of the forest in its various stages.  A welcome cool pocket on a road trip across the island.  You come up on it almost unexpectedly, alerted by the cars along the road.  You step out and you are immediately in it – it is glowing and cool, 4 or 5 of you couldn’t fit your arms around some of these trees.

I remember feeling like I should “shush” my kids – that somehow a sort of silence or reverence should be owed this place.  Just for still being here in spite of us, the logging, the development and the bad decisions.

If a tree fell in this forest and no one was here to hear it…it would definitely make a noise.

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Nanaimo F, BC, Canada

Phone Number

(250) 474-1336


Be wary of windy days and remember to feed the donation tree to help with forest conservation.


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