Meat Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

It's all in the name folks.

It shouldn’t surprise you that an entire restaurant is devoted to carnivores in the capital of Alberta. Alberta is cattle country so it makes sense that this BBQ joint is spoken in hushed, fearful whispers among those of the bovine and porcine persuasion.

MEAT is a knock ’em down, drag ’em out BBQ nirvana. Go there in your stretchy pants and get ready to embrace your inner caveman.

The craft cocktail and beer selection are very solid. The “Lynchburg Lemonade” was a serious start for my wife and I made my way through an Old Fashioned and enjoyed a couple of their beers. Craft whiskies and bourbons are on full frontal display with the strange option of a “pickleback” shooter – that’s right, a pickle brine addition to your drink. Is that a thing? I couldn’t bring myself to check it out, even in the interest of a fulsome review. There are some unique soda options like “birch beer” for the underage crowd. Our kids were just tickled they could go home and tell their grandma they were drinking beer at the restaurant.

The atmosphere is fresh; blue and rustic wood, farmhouse style tables and metal chairs. The walls could use a little artwork to warm the place up but maybe that would detract from the meatfest. Sides like brussels sprouts, creamed corn and mac n cheese rounded out the all meat, all the time situation.

We had amazing hospitable service, they weren’t afraid to ask questions about our particular tastes and the kids in order to make suggestions. AND they turned us on to an off-menu “sampler platter” that gave us a little bit of all the goodies we were hankering for. They even packed some of the sauces for us to take home to enjoy with our leftovers later.

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8216 104 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB T6E 4E5, Canada

Phone Number

(587) 520-6338


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