Latitude 53 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

This contemporary art gallery is a by artists, for artists cornucopia of goodies. Great art, cool events.

I almost got into a slap fight with a hipster at Latitude 53.  He had skinny jeans and interesting facial hair-he wore a vintage (aka yard sale) sport coat with patches on the elbows.  And he was bidding against me on a piece of art that I thought was really cool.  It was a fundraising event in the dead of winter, that involved an art auction, and drinking in the snow on the patio with cool ice sculptures and an ice bar.  That’s right, Canadians do not think there is anything wrong with having a patio party in well below freezing weather.

Anyway- The hipster and I were going back and forth upping the bid on the piece.  I would wait and as soon as he put a bid, I would up the bid – he was tense with irritation and turned to me, “You know the bids only have to go up by $5 and you keep putting $20.”  I said, “And?”

Him: So that’s the way this is, you are just going to get the piece because you have more money?

Me: That is how an auction works.  The person who pays the most money gets the thing.  And dude….it’s a fundraiser for a non profit.

He didn’t like me very much.  And I got the piece… (see below).  There were others I really wanted and didn’t get though so it all works out, I mean I am not an art piggie. OK, maybe a little.

The gallery is a perfect way to while away an hour or so – there is always an interesting exhibit and they provide space for artists for ongoing projects so you can see the creative process at work.

Try and attend one of their patio events in the summer or, if you are there during the winter you might luck out and end up drinking in the snow…but look out for the guy with the elbow patches, I hear he might be nursing a grudge.


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10242 106 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB T5J 0J2, Canada


Phone Number

(780) 423-5353


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Closed Mondays.

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